Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Word Count Goals and Personal Stuff

Before I get my day started, I wanted to quickly post my word count goals for this summer. Right now I feel comfortable writing a little over 500 words per day, and I would like to get to 2000 words per day before NaNoWriMo. As such, I decided that I'm going to be rather linear and set my goal on a month by month basis. By the end of this month, I want to be comfortable writing 1000 words per day, or at least averaging closer to that than I have been. July will end with me feeling comfortable around 1500 words per day, and August will have me practice at 2000 words per day. During the rest (September and October), my goal is to either stay at 2000, get to 2000, or improve from there depending on how successful my summer months were. I will do my best to scribble every day, and I will enjoy each victory and let go of each failure.

Yesterday I kept 506 words that I wrote for The Distorted Man, today's word count will go towards more of my fanfic, and tomorrow's word count will go towards something new for you that I'll post here. I probably won't be keeping a daily word count log on my blog, but I will try to update for you and let you all know how it's going in general.

(Side note: I originally wrote a much better version of this last night, but thanks to my foolishness it was erased before it could be posted. I apologize that I denied you all a look into my exhausted subconscious, but I'm sure you'll get enough of him soon).

Oh, and I guess I've been understating some pretty big changes about my life. So let's go into even less detail! I've (technically) graduated from college just before starting the blog, I got married, went to the Wisconsin Dells for five days as a honeymoon, got back and went to an interview for a job I hope to get, and bought a cheap car. My life has just hit some pretty big revisions, and yet I don't feel different. I think that's what I like most about life: I still feel like me no matter what good or ill comes my way.

Time for some more good! See you later, and Stay Awesome!

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